Discover authentic local crafts.

In Cabras and the nearby regions of Sinis, Montiferru and Marmilla, traditions are preserved that are in danger of dying out elsewhere. Earthenware, ceramics, baskets of marsh herbs, bread and excellent food products. Local wares from forged knives to typical leatherwork. Moleskin, originally used to make work clothes, in the hands of skilled seamstresses has today become the fabric of elegant ceremonial dresses that have inspired a host of designers. The production of copper cookware, a craft imported from the Veneto region during the fascist era, is today a prestigious speciality that has reached excellent quality levels.

There are numerous little artisan ateliers that create with dedication every day, honing precious skills that are the heritage of a certain way of inhabiting the world. Sardinian artisans are capable, reserved and often little known, but they offer a lesson in culture and philosophy that is well worth a visit.