An experience on so many levels that is a journey in itself.

Cuisine unites, intrigues, and imports and exports culture. The best way to round off a great day of outdoor activities, or as an integral part of excursions and visits to the surrounding area. A cooking class is a wonderful way to understand and delve into the unique world that you have chosen to explore in Cabras and Sinis, around Montiferru and Marmilla.

“Virgin” territories free from industry, where agriculture and livestock are managed for the most part in non-intensive ways, following the cycles of nature and the seasons. The cuisine here is characterised by very simple recipes that leave centre stage to the raw ingredients, their indisputable flavour and authenticity. Paradoxically, this is precisely the realm of gourmet cuisine, because it marks and reveals a particular aspect of the skills of a great chef: sensitivity, respect and the ability to simplify, instead of overabundance or over-complication.

Danielle, connoisseur and researcher of the best ingredients, devotee of Sardinian and regional, historical and traditional cuisine, recipes and cooking – but also prone to the influences of the French school and fusion from her travels beyond the Mediterranean – distils all this into effective and fun lessons and principles that everyone can use, expert or otherwise, as they get to grips with a culinary evening. An experience on so many levels that is a journey in itself.