Ready to get on board?

Whether on a cabin cruiser, J24, or dinghy, Limolo and its partners offer sailing courses for all ages and abilities, and at different levels according to your ambitions: amateur, skipper, occasional sailor or racer.

Five to seven lessons are ideal for a course to prepare you for short coastal navigations, while higher levels will enable you to handle offshore navigation with charts and anchoring at sea.

Even shorter experiences of just one or two lessons are a great foundation for exploring and getting to grips with the magical world of sailing.

Our playing field spans the entire Gulf of Oristano, extending to the Marine Protected Area of Sinis and often, for practise or pleasure, having rounded the Torre di Seu, if the wind direction is right, we will carry on to Maldiventre and return home under spinnaker.

Our sailing courses are also a way to admire the wild west coast from a different point of view, with its adventurous heritage signalled by the Spanish towers which, spaced well apart, acted as an early warning system to defend the coast against constant raids by Moorish pirates.

Ready to get on board?