Sustanaible living mets Eco-friendly Tourism at Limolo House

What’s the meaning of sustainability when it comes to holiday, work,team building? You’re independent, careful and curious travellers? You don’t actually need someone to serve you?

Then why don’t you try an exciting, thoughtful new form of holiday, that’s filled with discoveries and reflexions. Here in Limolo House, you’re going to enjoy playing a part in a more sustainable, eco-friendly tourism.

Through this lovely, different holiday, you’ll learn what do to and how to behave to preserve nature.

Here in the bio-architecture-styled house, we have come up with a plastic free and energy saving system / management.

Everyone has a role to play and anything we do matters. This project is always evolving thanks to our exchanges and discussions with our European partners.

Once you get in Limolo, you will quickly learn what’s the meaning of bio-architecture. Architect Luciano Pia unveiled the materials used to build the house, such as lime and rammed earth, on an edge of the wall. All of this was then combined with old, retrieved objects, in a successful blending which makes Limolo unique.

Any material in the house is recyclable or compostable and used objects come back to life twice or thrice.

Sustainability is a concept / theme you can find / see in the arrangement of the rooms and gardens and the organization of waste free breakfasts.


Sustanaible living to Eco-friendly Tourism an ever-changing tandem.

There’s a water purifier to fill in your glass or aluminium bottles before having a walk. Let’s all learn to leave plastic trash cans empty!

You want to taste fresh mint before finding your room? Explore the gardens and the patio and have a look the artistic structures in reeds and canes, which crowd into the nearby ponds.

We recommend this mint made in a nearby farm, which will bring you back to your childhood memories, with no Coke and Fanta around, and show you a forgotten pleasure.

Limolo has simply but good quality products chosen for you, such as baked Sardinian bran bread, handmade jams and biscuits, homemade cakes with fresh fruit, and also coffee toasted in Sardinia.

There are no coffee capsules here, but instead we have freshly ground coffee, and it’s made with a traditional coffee maker. Coffee grounds are used as plant fertilizers.

You’ll have to take care of the breakfast kits in each rooms, whose fabrics and items are all in natural materials. Each of you will do the laundry in the Limolo green basin with eco-friendly products, like natural sponges and handmade soaps, courtesy of our partners.

Sustanaible living as different way to think.

By the way, you want to find out more about the compost universe? Leave your leftovers in the garden depot and let us teach you how to fertilize plants and bring them back to life.

Don’t be surprised when you see trees with tomatoes and pumpkins falling off the roof! That’s Luciano Pia’s last invention, the Jardin Fruitier de Limoletto, a wild / colourful mix of vines and leaning plants which shelters your rooms from the heat of the sun.

According to waste sorting rules, all garbage we can’t compost or reuse are taken to the public landfill, so plants and flowers will thrive well.

Now it’s time to talk about our bedrooms. There’s no branded furniture: it’s either vintage, remade or directly made by us with recovered wood from the rooftop. Through humour, pictures by our friend Angelina Annis will remind us to always turn the lights and the fan out and use water sparingly, especially since a 3 minute shower is more than enough to clean us.  If you’re looking for the remote of the air conditioning, you’ll never find it here. Air conditioning is not part of our philosophy. We have developed other ways to make you feel fresh, such as developing other air systems to create streams and using the shadows of the trees and plants. Say goodbye to those awful Splitters on the walls!
In 2022, Limolo broke the least energy-consuming accommodation facility record in Cabras; but with your help, we can do much more.
You can explore the region by our vintage French bikes or buy from our zero food miles producers; you can also carry what you bought in our bio canvas bags.

Whether you move by bike or you by shared cars, you are going to find out a mysterious land, wild and unusual places with no trace of mass tourism.

Limolo commits to including people with handicaps. Bedrooms, bathrooms, gardens and communal areas, they’re all accessible to both partially unsighted and disabled people.  

We arrange or uphold countless “green” events every year. The 2021 initiative “Saving traditional Cabras” is one of our best activities; we made it by the aid of the Polytechnic University of Turin, our architect Luciano Pia, several Sardinian universities and different private and public organizations. We continue to organize landscape and environmental photography workshops, art, design and Green conferences, such as the last one in March 2023 Fuorisalone “How many trees do you have?”, linked to the big Event “Primavera in Giardino”.

Limolo gives you the chance to find out a new territory in a different way, where the word sustainability makes sense. Concrete action, daily gestures, and everyone’s involvement moves the project forward, changing it day by day.
But it’s the travellers who are the strongest links in this chain of sustainable tourism.

We are proud to have Green Key certification since March 2023!

What else? There’s so much mure you will learn by yourselves in your stay. If you think Limolo is the right place to support a sustainable tourism, then book your stay.

See you! Daniela


the sustanaible artistichall of Limolo House
the sustanaible artistichall of Limolo House
the sustanaible artistichall of Limolo House
the sustanaible artistichall of Limolo House
the sustanaible artistichall of Limolo House
the sustanaible artistichall of Limolo House
the sustanaible artistichall of Limolo House
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