Between “Green Architecture” and “Sustainable Landscape”

Limòlo House is a bio-architecture retreat in Sardinia, in Cabras (Or), in the heart of the Sinis Marine Protected Area, for a natural, more sustainable and responsible stay.

Six rooms, each with its own personality, recovery of a typical house in raw earth. Works and installations, which are divided between functionality, art, design, the reuse of many natural materials and the circular economy.

The stylistic concept, with the contribution of the green architect Luciano Pia, fluctuates thematically between the sea and the wetlands, the two souls of the water lands of the area, the Sinis. It tells of sailing, nature and sustainability, the passions of the owner.

Overlooking the internal courtyards, residences, kitchens and spaces are embraced by a living garden that preserves and respects its biodiversity by shading and protecting them. The structure is in constant interaction with the environments and with the guests, delicately involved in taking advantage of and participating in the many sustainability measures applied to daily management, offering solutions, ideas, knowledge and itineraries for a different, active and naturally engaged holiday in a new model of hospitality and “living”.

Gineprina Room, green guesthouse in Sardinia, Cabras


Terracruda eco friendly guesthouse in Sardinia


Coast, eco friendly guest house in bioarchitecture, Sardinia, Cabras


Randa room, at Limòlo eco friendly Guest House in Sardinia, Cabras


Room Mezzana, Limòlo House, eco friendly Guesthouse in Sardinia, Cabras


Trinchetta room, eco friendly guesthouse in Sardinia, Cabras


Limòlo House is not only an eco – friendly Guesthouse in Sardinia, but also a new way of travelling and, why not, naturally living

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