Between “Green Architecture” and “Sustainable Landscape”

In the historical centre of Cabras, at the heart of the Sinis peninsula, between the kingdom of the Giants of Monte Prama and the Phoenician settlement of Tharros, the famous quartz beaches of Is Arutas, Mari Ermi and the “treasure island” of Maldiventre, Limòlo House, eco – friendly Guesthouse in Cabras awaits you for a unique holiday spent exploring one of the lesser known and most fascinating regions of Sardinia.

Six rooms, each with its own distinctive personality, overlook an internal courtyard, as is traditional in the local residences. Each is decorated with furnishings and materials that reflect the fishing village in which Limòlo House is located. Here you can enjoy the simple life of the village with its typical light-hearted attitude, known locally as “sciollori”, or make Cabras your starting point for exploring the wonders of Sinis and Sardinia, its coasts and its hinterland.

Gineprina Room, green guesthouse in Sardinia, Cabras


Terracruda eco friendly guesthouse in Sardinia


Coast, eco friendly guest house in bioarchitecture, Sardinia, Cabras


Randa room, at Limòlo eco friendly Guest House in Sardinia, Cabras


Room Mezzana, Limòlo House, eco friendly Guesthouse in Sardinia, Cabras


Trinchetta room, eco friendly guesthouse in Sardinia, Cabras


It is no exaggeration to say that the area is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia, unique natural sites such as S’Archittu and the Giara di Gesturi plateau, the village of San Salvatore – the set for numerous Westerns, and the famous archaeological sites of Barumini and Santa Cristina.

Limòlo House is not only an eco – friendly Guesthouse in Sardinia, but also a new way of travelling and, why not, naturally living!

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