Cabras is at the centre of one of the most interesting areas of Sardinia. Its coastline dotted with renowned beaches, great fish-filled wetlands, and one of the most fertile inland areas on the island, provide the perfect setting for new discoveries and unforgettable experiences.

The Giganti di Monte e Prama statues, the ruins of Tharros, the rocks of Su Tingiosu and Capo Mannu, the rice fields of Oristano, the citrus orchards of Milis, the vines and olive trees of Cuglieri: Cabras is at the centre of an authentic world, far from being transformed by tourism. It offers a chance to see this way of life simply as it is, with lots to learn and to teach to those who love Sardinia.

Dintorni Cabras Sinis Sardegna


Mullet and bottarga (cured roe), sandstone and unfired earthen bricks. Wooden doors faded and lined by time. Intricate little streets in the centre, bars, outdoor table and chairs. A pretty and colourful town, of quaint and welcoming people. Cabras offers all main services and is very close to the major routes leading all over Sardinia, including its most beautiful beaches. A stay in Cabras is above all an experience.


Cuglieri greets visitors with houses with imposing stone walls, carved chestnut doors and ancient bronze knockers, painted in pastel colours faded by time. Winding and steeply climbing roads lead to a colourful set of small buildings stretching upwards, interspersed with grand residences that hark back to the grandeur of the Spanish conquistadors.

Dintorni Cuglieri Montiferru Sardegna
Trekking a Tharros, nel Sinis


This vast coastal area spans the municipalities of Cabras, Riola and Nurachi, and also comprises one of the most beautiful stretches of the west coast of Sardinia, including a Marine Protected Area of the same name.

With its silences and mysteries, its golden hues of sandstone, its landscape and its scents of Mediterranean herbs, this is a place that will capture your soul.


All of them feature white sand composed of grains of quartz or light grey sand, ground down from granite rock over millions of years. The sea runs through shades of azure and sky blue reminiscent of Caribbean islands.

Being truly spoiled for choice, the only question is where to begin?

Dintorni Cuglieri Montiferru Sardegna
Spiaggia di Santa Caterina di Pittinuri


From Cabras, after S’Archittu the road rises slightly, it then dives sharply downhill and a hairpin bend reveals the bay of Santa Caterina Di Pittinurri laid out before you, in dazzling emerald green. You can admire it from on high, including from the northern ridge where the Spanish tower overlooks it.


The offices of Limolo in Cabras, Santa Caterina di Pittinurri and Cuglieri, are strategically located departure points for excursions of one or more days. A radius of 100 km heading south, north or east, provides a window onto the Sardinia of documentaries, a still authentic island you will feel you are uncovering like pioneers.

escursionisti camminano su un sentiero vicino alla Giara di Gesturi
balle di fieno in un campo tra Sinis e Marmilla


In search of unspoilt nature? From San Giovanni di Sinis to Bosa, the west coast offers ever-changing panoramas: sea views from impressive cliffs, beaches bordered by reassuring rocky shelters, deep fjords and natural pools. There are many roads that lead to the sea and numerous walking and cycling paths along the coast, connecting small seaside villages and hilly towns.


The Capo Mannu promontory is a cardinal point. The “Cape of Capes” as the locals reverently call it, conscious of the power of the winds and the waves that are unleashed on it on days of mistral winds.

un uomo cammina lungo una spiagga nei dintorni di Capo Mannu nel Sinis