The only question is where to begin?

To the south of Capo Mannu lies a trail of some of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia – in order: Putzu Idu, S’Arena Scoada, Mari Ermi, the famous Is Arutas (17 km from Cabras), Mari Moni, Seo, San Giovanni di Sinis (13 km from Cabras) and the beaches of Capo San Marco, both facing the open sea and looking inward to the Gulf of Oristano. All of them feature white sand composed of grains of quartz or light grey sand, ground down from granite rock over millions of years. The sea runs through shades of azure and sky blue reminiscent of Caribbean islands.

To the north of Capo Mannu the beaches of Sa Mesa Longa, Is Arenas, Torre del Pozzo, S’Archittu and Santa Caterina have sands deriving from limestone, basalt and ferrous rocks. Shaped like grains of rice or smaller, like the fine, golden sand of Santa Caterina Di Pittinurri, these sands are occasionally interspersed with stones or red, black and pink grains. By the water’s edge, they sparkle with emerald green reflections.

Being truly spoiled for choice, the only question is where to begin?