Cuglieri: stone, olives, ascents and descents. And Panadas.

Cuglieri greets visitors with houses with imposing stone walls, carved chestnut doors and ancient bronze knockers, painted in pastel colours faded by time. Winding and steeply climbing roads lead to a colourful set of small buildings stretching upwards, interspersed with grand residences that hark back to the grandeur of the Spanish conquistadors.

Olive trees, olives and olive mills have always been central to this hillside town that boasts one of the most impressive panoramic views in Sardinia. A sight which can be glimpsed from its terraces and streets, but reveals itself in all its splendour from the square in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria.

Enjoy the hospitality of the inhabitants of Cuglieri and learn about their recipes, history and anecdotes. Savour the olive oil and of course the delicious warm Panadas pies that they are so rightly proud of.