This is how we find our bearings here.

The Capo Mannu promontory is a cardinal point. The “Cape of Capes” as the locals reverently call it, conscious of the power of the winds and the waves that are unleashed on it on days of mistral winds.

The cape roughly marks the boundary between the Sinis and Montiferru regions. The Isola di Mal di Ventre stands almost right in front of it, like an eternal marker of a treasure which in reality is the island itself. It is flanked by Putzu Idu beach to the south and Sa Mesa Longa beach to the north.

Use it as your basic reference point to understand where to go and the length of your excursions.

Cabras is “the centre of the world” – it is impossible not to visit, and a privilege to stay here.

Capo Mannu is about 24 kilometers from Cabras and from Santa Caterina Di Pittinuri.

Santa Caterina is 24 km from Cabras, while Cuglieri is 40 km away.