The offices of Limolo in Cabras, Santa Caterina di Pittinurri and Cuglieri, are strategically located departure points for excursions of one or more days. A radius of 100 km heading south, north or east, provides a window onto the Sardinia of documentaries, a still authentic island you will feel you are uncovering like pioneers.

Below are just a few of the highlights.

Costa Verde

The Costa Verde excursion is an unmissable one, following a route that brings you to Piscinas passing through Arborea, Marceddì, Arbus and Ingurtosu, perhaps with a stop to visit the mining complex run by a co-operative of delightful ladies who will pepper your visit with stories and precious details on the life of the miners. Tall sand dunes frame the panorama, one of the most unusual on the island.


All year round, but especially in spring, it is a pleasure to travel the roads of the Marmilla region, leaving Cabras behind, up to the Giara (towns of Gesturi, Tuili, Genoni, Setzu), the rocky plateau that provides a refuge for the famous indigenous wild horses of Giara. A Site of Community Importance since 1995, the plateau is home to native flora and fauna and rare endemic species. This is an excellent spot for hiking, cycling and horse riding. Before leaving the area have a look at one of the many archaeological sites that dot the region including Nuraghi and Tombs of Giants. The villages at the foot of the plateau are authentic jewels with exquisitely maintained houses, places of worship and grand residences. Almost all host a small regional museum themed around its peculiarities.

Thermal spas

Going back along the Tirso River, the largest waterway in Sardinia, will uncover still different scenery. Passing through Siamanna to Fordongianus, one can enjoy the thermal waters that come from deep within the Earth at 54°C.


Climb further towards Busachi and its mighty dam, and Samugheo, famous for the beauty of its traditional costume, artisan textiles and wood-fired bread. Another descent takes you to Atzara, on the edge of the Barbagia region, whose gallery, with its collection of valuable paintings by contemporary Sardinian artists, will enthral you. Take your time following the hairpin bends between forests of chestnut and holm oak until you reach Sorgono. Finally, let yourself get carried away in a decidedly futuristic and fascinating version of Sardinian history at a surprising little museum animated by its mentor, La Repubblica journalist Sergio Frau, whose stories will put your historiographical knowledge to the test. Before departing, a visit to the multitude of menhirs at the nearby archaeological site is a must.

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